Paid Media Manager

Candidate ID: 12989135

Salary: $90,000 - $100,000 Per Annum

Availability: 4 Weeks

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This candidate is a highly skilled digital marketer committed to excellence. Currently working at a world-renowned agency, they spearhead the execution of digital campaigns with a focus on leading ad-serving platforms. Proficient in SEM, Social Media Ads, and Display Marketing, they optimise campaigns for improved CTR, increased conversion rates, and enhanced relevancy.  Before this, they were a Senior Paid Media Specialist at a leading marketing firm, where they managed campaigns for renowned brands, aligning strategies with overarching marketing goals. With a background in digital media roles at various organisations, this candidate possesses a robust skill set, their dedication to delivering outstanding results, combined with a proven track record, positions this candidate as an asset to any team. Their digital toolkit includes Google Ads (Text-based), Shopping Ads, Google Display Network, Programmatic, Google DV360, Meta Business Manager, Meta Ads Manager, LinkedIn, TikTok Ads Manager, and Snapchat Ads Manager. This candidate is currently living in South Africa but can relocate on a month’s notice. Now working with Campfire to find a new role, they are looking for a salary level of $90,000 – $100,000 per annum.

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