Digital Marketing Specialist

Candidate ID: 302877

Salary: $60,000

Availability: 4 Weeks

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candidate overview

Hard-working, creative and dedicated, this digital marketer is passionate about generating relationships between brands and their consumers through written and visual communication. In their current role as a Marketing Coordinator, they are responsible for the booking, planning and designing of all marketing and advertising content (digital, print and social media), liaising with SEO team for Google Ads, Analytics and website management, and handling the budget. In this role, they successfully increased website users by over 69% in 2020, rebranded the company website, and increased growth in inquiries by 32% with a decreased marketing budget (cutting the cost per enquiry by 40%). In addition to this, they have valuable skills in graphic design (in particular, Photoshop and InDesign). They have learned valuable skills in their current position and are ready to sink their teeth into a new role. They have a notice period

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