E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Candidate ID: 303736

Salary: $75,000

Availability: 1 Month

As New Zealand’s specialist recruitment agency for digital marketing, e-commerce, and digital media jobs, we represent a wealth of permanent, contract and temporary talent across all digital disciplines. Here is the profile of one of our current E-Commerce Marketing Specialist candidates. We are really excited about this individual and would love to discuss them in more detail with you, so please call us on 09 320 5752. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and one of our friendly consultants will call you back.

candidate overview

This e-commerce specialist is a whizz at leveraging digital channels to drive online sales. In their current role for a boutique agency, they work with a variety of e-commerce clients to handle their digital channels end to end. These channels include email, paid search, seo, and paid social. Working in tandem with a web developer, they create strategy to ensure that online browsers convert from ad to cart seamlessly. Whether that means setting up and running search campaigns, analysing website traffic pathways, or troubleshooting for SEO needs, it’s safe to say this candidate will have it covered. This candidate really impressed us with their technical expertise and their strong history in picking up new digital channels easily. They’re now keen to move into a role with larger budgets to play with and more senior staff to learn from. They have a 1 month notice period, so please contact us ASAP to discuss this candidate further or to arrange a meeting.

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