Web & UX/UI Designer

Candidate ID: 304154

Salary: $100,000 ~ $110,000

Availability: 4 Weeks

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candidate overview

This super ambitious designer knows exactly how to craft web journeys that get results. In their current role at a major telecommunications brand, they handle the front-end design and UX/UI pathways for all of this brand’s websites. This means their day to day could involve rolling out web updates, working on the CMS, creating landing pages & banner mock-ups, or just generally ensuring all content is perfect before it’s live! Their role sits at the critical nexus between the development, design, and marketing teams, so they’ve got an awesome understanding of how these aspects link together to make a fantastic website experience. Prior to this role, they also bring excellent agency-side experience in graphic design, video animation, and print production. Their digital tool kit includes Silverstripe, Drupal, Figma, In Vision, the Adobe Creative Suite, Atlassian, and Jira. This versatile is now working with Campfire to find a fresh role that can combine their great design instincts with their outstanding technical web knowledge. They have a 4 week notice period, so please contact us ASAP to discuss this candidate further or to arrange a meeting.



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