Content Marketing Manager

Candidate ID: 304331

Salary: $85,000

Availability: 4 Weeks

As New Zealand’s specialist recruitment agency for digital marketing, e-commerce, and digital media jobs, we represent a wealth of permanent, contract and temporary talent across all digital disciplines. Here is the profile of one of our current Content Marketing Manager candidates. We are really excited about this individual and would love to discuss them in more detail with you, so please call us on 09 320 5752. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and one of our friendly consultants will call you back.

candidate overview

This candidate brings a seriously impressive remit when it comes to content strategy and execution. In their current role as Content Marketing Manager for a marketing agency, they direct and manage a team of content specialists. Their role is a mixture of client strategy creation, project management, and delivering campaign materials, so it’s safe to say they can handle any content challenge. With a background in content writing, they sit as the editor for their team’s work and oversee all email, social, blog, and graphics work. Hubspot is also a key specialty for them and they sit as a key expert on its uses. Recently, they have started directly managing team members and this candidate is excited to grow out more of a leadership remit in their next role. This candidate has a 4 week notice period and is ready to look at brand side or agency side roles. To learn more, please contact us ASAP to discuss this candidate further or to arrange a meeting.

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