Full-Stack Architect

Candidate ID: 9426029

Salary: ​$200,000 ~ $250,000

Availability: Immediate

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candidate overview

This Christchurch-based Senior Full-Stack Developer and UX/UI weapon has decades of agency, tech platform, and agency experience and is available immediately. They are proficient in a large array of AWS/DevOps, frameworks, databases, and CMS and are able to manage multiple teams simultaneously while successfully delivering large-scale projects. Their most recent permanent position was as a Systems Architect for an international, enterprise-level parent company of 30+ brands, including SaaS. During their time there, they introduced and defined standards of practice for various teams, including digital marketing, CRM, content, UX/UI, web development, and testing. They designed and delivered a proof-of-concept application to streamline the delivery pipeline from ‘idea to page’ using Figma,, and commerceJS, providing a completely headless store experience. They oversaw the delivery of a streamlined Magento platform. Additionally, they designed and oversaw the delivery of a vastly improved horizontal-scaling hosting platform using infrastructure as code recipes, capable of serving millions of concurrent users at once. They also designed and delivered an omnichannel help desk with multi-brand support, including a knowledge base with automated triage and chatbots across social, web, and email. Their digital toolkit includes JAMstack, Javascript, Magento, Gatsby, Figma, CSS, CSS3, MySQL, WordPress, Shopify, FigJam, HTML5, XSLT, XML, SSH, LDAP, JQuery, PHP4/5, PHP, AWS, API. This candidate is now working with Campfire to find a new role and is available immediately. They are looking for a salary level of $200,000 ~ $250,000 per annum. 

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