Senior Software Developer

Candidate ID: 9807687

Salary: $110,000 ~ $150,000

Availability: 2 weeks

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candidate overview

This candidate has over nine years of experience in web development, particularly in .Net, and has worked with automotive, technology, and digital verticals. They’re motivated and keen to expand on their already impressive skillset. At present, they’re the main Web Developer at a large company and is responsible for front-end and back-end web development. Some of the projects they’ve accomplished are a CMS upgrade, framework migration, SMS messenger migration, AJAX tracking event implementation, search engine sitemap update, HandleBar JS implementation, a .Net framework upgrade, a Windcave integration, and UI and database changes. Before this, they worked for international technology and digital companies, focusing mostly on software development. This saw them develop and hone skills in bug fixing, application creation and maintenance, application flow activation and deactivation, production support, and job failure resolution. Their digital toolkit includes .Net core and framework, MVC, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Episerver, Entity Framework, REST API, Octopus, Cruise Control, jQuery, Angular, SQL, LINQ, HTML, SASS, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, CMS, Google Analytics, Bitbucket, SVN, GIT, Azure, and Rabbit MQ. This candidate is now working with Campfire to find a new role and is available at two weeks’ notice. They are looking for a salary level of $110,000 ~ $150,000 per annum. 

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