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Campfire is a fast-growing recruitment agency that specialises in the exciting world of digital marketing, e-commerce, digital media, and creative. With modern offices in central Auckland, Campfire was founded by Amelia Cranfield in 2018.

We’re always looking for motivated, friendly, organised individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence to join us as recruitment consultants. Here’s why you should be a part of our business.


We believe that in order to be successful and fulfilled in your recruitment career, you must have a true passion for the industry you represent. That’s why we’re so lucky here at Campfire to be part of such a fast-growing, fascinating, and ever-changing sector.

Digital is disrupting every industry and everyone; both personally and professionally. With the Internet of Things (IoT) evolution, content is being consumed across more devices, at a faster rate than ever before. Working in the digital sector means you are at the bleeding edge of a global paradigm shift that will define this age in history. It is endlessly interesting and will provide you with the passion you’ll need to thrive in your career.


Providing the right training and development to employees is part of our business ethos. That’s why we have an in-depth training programme for all new hires and provide ongoing development programmes for staff depending on your individual needs.


If you want to build your career internally and take on more responsibility as you develop, look no further. As a growing business, we have a structured career development programme so you can see exactly what you need to do to go up to the next level. And we’ll encourage and support you in that journey.


Maintaining a suitable work/life balance is important to us here at Campfire. We want you to be happy and healthy with an active life outside of the office. So while we work very hard to get the best results for our candidates and clients, we also work smart to ensure that everything we do is an efficient and effective use of our time.


We offer an industry-leading commission scheme, paid monthly, to ensure that your hard work and dedication is fairly remunerated.


We are always looking for new recruiters to join our growing team. You may come from another recruitment agency, the digital sector, another sales role, or you might even be straight out of university. Whatever your background, you’ll bring certain qualities to the table: a hunger to succeed, a passion for learning, emotional intelligence, a strong eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and a high level of integrity.