As a specialist recruitment agency for digital marketing, media and MAdtech jobs, we live and breathe digital. This means that in a very competitive market for digital talent we’ll help you find and hire the right people. You’ll find us knowledgeable, friendly and professional with expertise in recruiting for roles within these specialisms:
  • Ad Operations & Programmatic
  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Sales: Digital Media, Advertising & Marketing Technology
  • Customer Success
  • Digital Marketing


In addition to local digital talent we have an extensive international network of Kiwi expats who’d move home for the right job. We also have strong connections with overseas talent who are relocating to New Zealand. This means your shortlist of candidates will include fresh faces with skills from overseas, as well as the best New Zealand talent available. 


An experienced account manager will take the helm of your vacancy. As your key point of contact, they will develop an in-depth understanding of your business and job opportunity. They’ll give you an overview of the current talent market and how to best position your role. Working with you as an extension of your business, they’ll meet you and get under the skin of your vacancy, understanding your company culture and ideal candidate profile.


We recruit for digital jobs, and only digital jobs. So, we have a specialist knowledge of the relevant skill sets and backgrounds that make up a good candidate profile. We understand the market, can relate to your business goals and challenges and quickly get to grips with what you need. Our efficient and targeted service will save your business time and money by getting the right digital talent in place quickly.


We understand that the best candidates are not always actively looking. We proactively seek out the best talent for your vacancy through research, market-mapping, growth hacking, our social media channels, referrals and by attending digital events throughout the country and the world.


We take great pride in our responsive, professional, “can do” approach. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, tailoring the search based on your feedback and maintaining excellent communication throughout the entire recruitment process.


Once we successfully fill your vacancy, we will keep in touch with both you and the candidate to ensure that the placement continues to work effectively on both sides.

we offer

two recruitment services for companies

This recruitment model offers the maximum level of service. “Exclusive” means that Campfire is the sole recruitment agency working on your vacancy for an agreed period of time. Our exclusive service allows us to prioritise your job and provide you with additional levels of service to reflect your commitment. We will charge the agreed fee only if we make a successful placement.

In addition to the services offered in our contingency model:

  • A dedicated recruitment account manager plus additional resource depending upon the role
  • Priority time allocated for candidate research, market-mapping and headhunting
  • A bespoke market assessment review
  • A vacancy advertisement on LinkedIn and other sites in addition to Campfire’s own website
  • Our tailored recruitment solutions
  • Candidates who have been pre-interviewed specifically for this role
  • Full market penetration: we fully map out the market to identify the best passive and active talent, and personally approach each candidate to engage them in a powerful way
  • Time saving: your recruitment manager is your one, accountable point of contact for the entire recruitment process. This means you have one person to liaise with, instead of multiple
  • Brand positioning: in choosing Campfire as the only recruitment agency taking your vacancy to market, you ensure that one consistent and well-delivered message goes out to a highly targeted selection of relevant potential candidates. This protects and enhances the value of your brand in a small marketplace
  • Rigor: we interview each candidate specifically for your vacancy
  • Cost: although there is a higher service level, there are no upfront costs as the fee is paid only when the position is filled
  • Relationship: a transparent and highly accountable partnership is created between your business and ours, paving the way for successful recruitment projects in the future
  • Tailored recruitment solutions: we add further, bespoke recruitment services that match the needs of your business
  • Success: overall, this model can deliver a smoother process and more successful result than a contingency approach

With our exclusive recruitment model we offer range of tailored options to suit your recruitment needs. We’ll go the extra mile and add further services that match the needs of your business.

What we offer:

  • Salary benchmarking
  • Advice with creating attractive job descriptions
  • Guidance on best practice with regards to interviewing
  • Organisation of off-site interview venues
  • Help with identifying the vacancy’s selling points as well as guidance on employer branding to ensure maximum appeal in the market
  • Insights on employee retention policies, company benefits and industry hiring trends

Contingent (sometimes called non-exclusive) recruitment means that we will submit candidates alongside those you get from other sources such as your internal HR team, your own network and any other recruitment agencies. We will charge the agreed fee only if we are successful in placing your vacancy.

  • A dedicated recruitment account manager
  • Opportunity for a face-to-face briefing on your business and the vacancy
  • A vacancy advertisement on the Campfire website & new job alerts email service
  • Allocated time for candidate search and headhunt
  • A targeted campaign utilising local and international candidate networks
  • Pre-screened and vetted candidates, all of whom have been met by our team
  • Submission of select number of CVs for your vacancy
  • Proactive organisation of interviews
  • Implementation of any relevant tests
  • Offer process management
  • Post-placement follow-up with the hired candidate and yourself
  • Greater choice of talent suppliers
  • Potentially helpful to compare various recruitment agencies against each other to see which are best
  • Speed of CV delivery
  • Volume of CVs delivered

Disadvantages of Contingency Model

  • More time-consuming: you’ll spend additional time on administration as there’s a lot of double handling involved when employers brief multiple recruiters for the same job vacancy
  • Accountability: it could be difficult to hold several talent-suppliers accountable for results
  • Clunky process: potentially easier to lose control over the process when you are liaising with numerous candidates from different sources
  • Vacancy and company marketing: the value of your brand can be diluted in the market if multiple recruiters are contacting candidates with various degrees of quality
  • Relationship hindered: it can stop you investing more time with one committed recruitment partner where trust is established, and the best results are delivered
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